07 October 2016

Rory- 16 month(ish)

-Rory says over thirty words on a regular basis (including neigh, egg, out, hi, no, bye, Jay, etc), and there is constant baby chatter in our house. 
-She is in constant motion, and always wants to be "side" playing in the dirt and smelling the flowers.
-Loves the neighborhood kids and yells "hi! hi! hi!" at them if she hears them come to the door then proceeds to spend as long as she possibly can playing with them outside (they are all between 5-10 years old). When I come outside to check on her she is literally beaming and always cries for a minute when she realizes I'm there to take her away.
-Sleeps a solid 12 hours at night but hardly ever longer, and naps once a day for 1.5-2 hours.
-Is absolutely obsessed with Boo and wakes up every morning calling her name. 
-Goes up and down the stairs like a little daredevil/champion.
-Loves the massive bear Uncle Zane bought her at Costco and if it's too quiet most of the time it means she is sitting in it's lap reading her books. 
-Is obsessed with the word "neigh" and throws it around like it's nothing. We will be in the middle of the store and she will yell out "neigh!". There's almost never a horse around.  
-Has the BEST gap teeth, and if you're lucky she will show them to you on command with an eyes-closed cheeser.
-Asks me to put socks and shoes on her first thing every single morning, and is peeved if she wore footies to bed and can't until after breakfast. Most often, she requests her boots (seen below). She also wants to wear hats and jackets almost always.
-Makes friends with anyone and everyone, though typically after getting their attention by shouting "hi!" on repeat, she refuses to speak and just smirks at them. 
-Rory really is a generally happy, obedient child. She has her extremely high volume opinionated moments, but other than those she helps me put things away, clean up, and keeps me laughing all day long. Grateful for a lot of things, but a really big one is that Jay works so hard so I can be home with her and be her person. 

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