27 September 2016

Ode to Summer: North Shore

About a month ago I was completely mindless and somehow deleted Adobe Bridge from my computer, which means I basically lost access to photoshop. 
And these pictures were taken on Auto in the brightest part of the day with the sun to our backs (because hello, we needed to be in the water) so they needed a little tlc. 
And heaven help my stubborn self if I was going to post anything else before I fixed the problem.
I just really love these pictures! The baby bellies! The turtles! That water!

Jess' friend from college lives on the North Shore and we drove up to meet her and have her be our tour guide for the afternoon (and also spend the whole day with her) and it was amazing. We swam with turtles and went to Matsumoto's shave ice with babies in bikinis. And the three babies came home with sweet plush turtles...Rory's still receives affectionate hugs and kisses on a daily basis and his name is Herman.

Anyways, this is the final blog post from Hawaii, which coincides with our first real week of cold weather and makes it feel like we are putting all things summer away for good. 
But I got out all my favorite fall decorations and bought a fall-scented candle at West Elm, 
and Rory looks amazing in beanies and tights so all is right in the world. 

Bring on the holidays. Homemade Halloween costumes! Pumpkin baked goods!
Moody neutrals! Dark lipstick! (ok fine I do that all year round) Molasses cookies! 
Stuffed scarecrows on the doorstep! Rain boots! (As Rory has been doing for a month)
Summer was really good to us, even though Rory hates splash pads but is too small to swim, 
which left us spending a lot of time in shallow ended pools with big sun hats for her ever-bald head.
We really are loving crunching leaves with rainboots, but we will be ready for you next year summer!

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