10 May 2016

Happy Mothers day, champions

Mother's Day is funny. It falls right in the middle of life. Beautiful, busy, messy life.
And while I am a full fledged believer in the sentiments behind Mother's Day, I hope we love on our Mamas more than that. I hope we call them. I hope that we try to be kinder than we were in high school, I hope we tell them they did (or are doing) great through our words and actions.

This was a hard week for being a mom around our house. Rory was teething, so she favored early mornings and short naps. And last weekend I came down with this cold that I have NOT been able to get rid of, and like they say, "babies don't keep". When you're sick as a mom, the show must go on. You can't call in sick, or ditch school, or lie in bed and work from home. You work at home. And there is just as much poop and crying and feeding and loving on sick days as any other day.

And in this young stage of Motherhood there's nobody to say, "thanks mom" or "I love you mom" or "my mom's the best mom". There's a lot of guesswork and trying and hoping that you're doing the right thing all amidst both the most magical giggles and highest pitch screams. And when your love language is words of affirmation (or honestly anything else), it can sometimes be hard to feel loved and appreciated when you're in the throws of your life's greatest work. But gosh if it isn't still the best work I've ever done.

So this year I didn't feel glamorous on Mother's Day (let's be real, I don't feel glamorous often these days) but I felt loved and needed. And my baby called for mama from her room when she couldn't fall asleep so I'll take that as an I love you. (*and I got a back massage and flowers from Jay and Zane brought dinner so I didn't have to cook. Kudos to my main men)

And she's calling for me now, at the top of her lungs, yelling "muuuah!" AND "mama mama" so I must be off.

But I went through my pictures from the last year and picked the ones that tug my heartstrings on the subject of being a mama. You should do it sometime, it's a good practice in loving your babies and the work you do in caring for them.

So to the mamas I know, and those I don't, and especially to those in the trenches... You got this *fist bump* and I love you and your babies love you and someday will say thank you and I love you and you're the best and not misbehave on Mother's Day. Cheers. Eat some cake (I made myself, and have subsequently finished, a Texas sheet cake for the occasion. Worth it.)

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