17 May 2016

11 months: our little/big chunk

I had a friend say yesterday that she seems even bigger than she was two weeks ago. And it's true! I'm getting all nostalgic just thinking about it. Don't even talk to me about her being a year old next month. My baby!

Rory at 11 months:

-Gets asked all the time if she's "...6, 7? Maybe 8? months old" I blame it on the chub, bald head, and lack of teeth. But heck I don't care, stay my baby!

-Is all about her daddy. Unless she's upset about something (in which case, as Jay says, I'm the epitome of comfort) she lights up every time he walks into a room and lunges out of my arms to get to him.

-Loves to dance. The moment the new JT song come on or her dad whistles "Once upon a dream" she begins to rock back and forth, swing her arms and shake her head. She was the star of the dance floor at the wedding we attended last weekend where she danced like crazy up on top of her dad's shoulders or in my arms. The photographer said to me more than once, "I can't stop taking pictures of her!" And I didn't blame her one bit.

-Caught the movement bug a week or so ago and is now trying to walk and crawl all at once. We even found her sitting up in the corner of her crib yesterday. This all makes for an exhausted mama, because she wants to move but needs my help all the time. Luckily, standing against the couch or a chair on her own keeps her happy for 10 minute intervals and I can get things done.

-LOVES FOOD. Jay is constantly impressed by how much food she can put down, especially for breakfast. Most days she eats a whole piece of fruit (or massive handful of frozen blueberries), a pancake or muffin and sometimes a scrambled egg to top it off. These last two weeks especially I've had to strain my creative juices to come up with new things for her to eat a million times per day.

-Sleeps pretty well, but not currently. Whenever she's teething or about to pass a developmental milestone, Rory's sleep schedule gets thrown way off. And right now she's doing both, so it's killing me! She wakes up bright and early at 6:30 to nurse (even though she had previously pushed that back until 8 a month ago) then gets up around 7:30 wide awake. I typically like to get up early, but I've been fighting a cold for almost three weeks so this whole sleep-protest thing has got me beat.

-Has the cheesiest, full face grin that we can't get enough of, and has the cutest sense of humor! When she's by herself in the living room or in her carseat she will randomly start giggling at whatever stuffed animal she's playing with. Sometimes she's just cracking herself up. It's the best. We can't get enough.

Mostly, we still go to bed at night talking about how cute our little chunk is and spend a minute watching her sleep on the baby monitor. We're clearly obsessed.


  1. Your chunk is so cute! I have got a chunk too! He finally got teeth, I hear the longer it takes the better. That one year birthday is coming up, Just warning you it might be emotional! Heehee! Mine just turned one on the 30th of April and I don't even know how time passes so quick!

    1. The dentist was just telling me the same thing about teeth coming in later! Time really does pass so quick. Your little is adorable- he looks just like you!

  2. oh what a precious, beautiful girl!!! my sweet little man is 11 months currently and i am heartbroken that he's growing up so fast... but isn't it the most fun at the same time!! and how their personalities just start to come right out at this age... it's the best!!


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