14 June 2016

My grown up littlest sister

Last week I braved the barren sojourn to California with a baby and puppy in tow.
Most everyone thought I was crazy, but it was a fun adventure!
(one that added a few extra hours to the trip to be sure)
But it was all worth it to see my little sister graduate from high school.
I've been there for all of my siblings graduations, and it didn't disappoint.
I'll share pictures of that later, but I think a tribute to Brooke is what's in order today.
I was lucky enough to be in town a few months ago to take her senior pictures, and my goodness the girl shines.

Brooke literally doesn't care what anybody thinks. She is who she is, and there is no pretending for anybody. She begged my mom to use such tight curlers that she could wear a full afro to school when she was in elementary school.

She stayed out until well past midnight hanging out with my freshman in college dorm-mates when I couldn't because I had to write a paper. (She was twelve, and they honestly thought she was the coolest)

She slept in my bed with me every night of my senior year until I left for college after realizing that I wasn't going to live there anymore after that. (and would leave me surprises under my pillow when I spent the night somewhere else)

She cried at my wedding (#besties), but then subsequently became besties with my husband and forgot all about being sad.

She is the best baby whisperer I know aside from my mom, and that's saying something.

I love you Brooke and I'm excited to watch the next chapter of your life unfold! (And from 5 miles away. SCORE) You are beautiful and talented and smart and have way too many people that love you. We are your biggest fans.


  1. oh my gosh, all the horse photos!!! so so beautiful. and what a sweet relationship you guys have. this is a beautiful post!

    1. Honestly, Bo was such a champ for us that day! Thanks Brittany!


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