28 April 2016

3 years with My Favorite Boy

Cheers for three years friends. 
We have been playing host all week while Jay's family is in town for graduation/spring term starting. But on our anniversary we left Rory in their capable hands and went for an extra long date night! 
My only requests were that we crack out our wedding video and that I get honeycomb ice cream from Rockwell Creamery at some point in the evening. Lucky for me, Jay made all my dreams come true and it was one of my favorite dates we've been on. 

And honestly? We didn't do anything crazy. We bought Jay a new suit, drove around to all the apartments (except the barn, of course) we've lived in since our dating days, and watched our wedding video. We split a salad and french fries to leave room for dessert and turned in early. We just really really like being together. It's a pretty cool thing when you get to spend forever with your favorite person in the whole world. And to know that if you keep working it gets even better.

Jay Winters, you are my person and I love you. Wouldn't choose anyone else if I could. 
I will always be grateful God knew better than I did and gave me you.
So three apartments, a house, a baby, a puppy, and a whole lot of life later- cheers to three years!

(^ the only picture we got of the evening, per the usual)

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