17 April 2016

our tiny human: 10 months

Rory really seems to get more and more fun every month. She now smiles and laughs and plays and thinks her dad and Boo are funny. She is happy as a clam to sit and play most times (the obvious exceptions being when she's teething, hungry, or tired) and calls for her puppy "Ba" over and over until she comes and lays at her feet. I've started to get brave enough to take her to child care at the gym a couple times a week and they've asked more than once upon my return, "does she ever cry?" to which I chuckle and say "not really, she's a pretty good kid" which is true. She has her moments that are tough, but that has everything to do with being a baby and nothing to do with her temperament. She's currently sleeping in the carseat on the floor next to me, the tiny champion. 

At 10 months she:

-has two teeth. One just barely broke the skin, but the other sticks up and I call it her little snaggle tooth. She has this super cheesy, squinty-eyed, full-faced smile that shows it off perfectly.

-is a good sleeper, but is cutting back on morning hours and now sleeps from 7:30p-7:30/8a and is then up until her morning nap around 11. I haven't been sleeping super well, so getting up before her to get in my morning chores and prep pre-baby has been a challenge!

-feels a broader range of emotions. She cries now if something scares her. And on the flip side, she has a sense of humor. It's amazing how all of these new parts of her personality come out. 

-doesn't have any desire to crawl, but loves to stand up holding onto either us or a couch, table, etc. She can rotate 360 degrees in seated position and has a pretty impressive reach to grab whatever she wants. My guess is she will walk before she really gets around to crawling. 

-jabbers all the time. Ma-ma, da-da, na-na, ba, etc. She loves them all, and when she's in the mood throws in a good old fashion high pitched scream for variety. (<-- which is only cute for the first five seconds)

-has a constant companion in her trusty steed Boo, who never fails to give her too many kisses and be forever up in her business. That is except when Rory instates one of her high-pitched screams, which drive Boo away (even though most times they are screams of protest because Boo isn't close enough to her).

-finally loves her bath... *hallelujah! praises!* so that's what we do for a solid 30 minutes during the grumpy stage before bedtime. And she's a freakin sweaty kid, so I'm glad this all happened before summer temperatures really set in.

We feel lucky every single day to have this perfect girl as a part of our family. 
We honestly think she's the best and say to each other in bed every night, "she's so awesome". (true story)

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  1. The 3rd and 6th pictureeeeee. Have mercy sweet Rory! So cute.


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