15 March 2016

tiny teething troubles

Ok, teething has been a beast around here. Rory started getting unusually grumpy last week and wasn't sleeping well and I couldn't figure out what was going on. Then one day I was holding her and she let out a "pain" cry. You know the kind? The horribly sad kind? So I gave her some medicine and she took the best nap she'd taken in a while. She was licking her bottom gums on top of all that, so we figured it was teething. Frozen fruit seemed to help and of course tylenol if it got really bad, but she still seemed pretty much her happy self. However, it has seemed to continually get worse! Runny nose, now stuffy nose, then a fever yesterday and all through the night, and crying every few hours. It's all starting to look just like her double ear infection last month around this time! 

So tomorrow we are off to the doctors. Since she turns 9 months this week, we just moved up her well check and will have the doctor take an extra look to see if I'm crazy or if this girl's little system is on the fritz again. Has anybody else had bad teething turn into something more? What are your favorite teething remedies? We've tried ice in a sock and teething tablets, but frozen fruit, ice chips, and tylenol are the only things that have seemed to be any help at all. 

From our darling, happy, tragically sad, non-napping, sporadically crying baby filled house to yours.
See you on the other side. Until then, send happy thoughts, good advice, and pizza.

*and since nobody can appreciate teething, can we all appreciate how good Boo is with Rory these days?


  1. I feel your pain girl! Like what is sleep? Waking up like 7-8 times a night with the saddest cries. Linc gets super frustrated with teething toys but a peeled refrigerated carrot makes him happy to suck on. Hope it lets up soon over there!

  2. The teething tablets plus Tylenol is really all that worked for us. Spense keeps teasing me that lily is starting to teeth bc she is drooling so much. 😳


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