17 March 2016

9 months: a splash of green

Our baby is getting so big! She's seeming much more like a big baby these days. Does that make any sense at all? There are little babies and big babies... like... the stage before toddlerhood, where they're moving and interacting but they're still babies? Anyways, that's what Rory feels like to me at 9 months. There's no more cross-body baby holding, and there seems to be more singing and clapping and playing. We are loving it all the same. The bittersweetness of parenthood, huh?

At 9 months Rory:
-Observes everything where ever we go. She looks at people and studies plants and lights and families. Everything seems to be fascinating to her.
-Has a list of babysitters who are dying to play. Honestly, it has been such a huge blessing being in Provo to be around all of our friends who love our baby and want to be in her life. Especially Uncle Zane, that guy thanked me at least 3 times for us letting him babysit last weekend, and Rory is pretty enamored with him herself.
-Doesn't crawl, but is just starting to show interest (see the sequential images of her latest efforts below) She rocks back and forth to try and get to her knees, but typically ends up flat on her stomach and hopefully ends close enough to get whatever is is she wants. If not, she starts squawking for me to come get her back sitting upright.
-Still has no teeth, though the teething adventure of this past week was no joke. The doctor was a little perplexed by the severity of her fever and mucus during the whole affair and told me to call if it gets that bad again, but it has all since gone away and our happy baby is back.
-When she isn't teething or sick, sleeps beautifully. She goes down around 7:30-8 post daylight savings time, wakes up because she's pushed herself against the slats at the top of the crib around 5:30am (we put her pacificer back in and she goes right back down), wakes up to nurse around 7:30 and sleeps again until 9! It's dreamy and I love it.
-Definitely prefers mom at this point, and I'm not complaining. She still loves daddy, but if I'm in the room it makes it harder for them to have a good time together.
-Loves most all food and still chews with those little bare gums like a champion. Baked carrots, beans, eggs, sweet potatoes, yogurt, and frozen blueberries are her current favorite foods (along with anything sweet dad happens to give her while I'm not looking).
-Waves at pretty much everyone, is always the star of the show, and gets the attention of every strangers anywhere we go.

We love her.
* Uncle Zane took us out to lunch today, (have I mentioned we love him?) so there's pictures of that too. And a green head tie for St. Patricks day! We fully plan on having green alfredo with gnocchi for dinner to celebrate. Any suggestions on fun (and original) St. Patrick's day traditions for next year when Rory is old enough to appreciate it?

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