18 March 2016

iPhone friday

The nature of always having my cell phone on me is that some of my favorite pictures and memories end up on my cell phone camera roll! So I'm taking a leaf from my sister's book and posting them here to cap off the week. 

[1] the neighborhood gang is back at it. We had six kids come over to play with Boo and ended up coming in and staying over for a couple of hours. The scooter gang were our first friends in the neighborhood and seriously, they're the best. 
[2,3,4] Grandma Betsy was in town to visit last week and we were lucky enough to spend a day at Grandma Glennda's house with her and some of the cousins. Rory is constantly being fed from 4 different directions while we play with said cousins. That and having her head rubbed and cheeks pinched. They love her, and aside from when it all turns to smothering, the love is mutual.
[5] Maybe my current favorite family picture of the three of us. 
[6] Rory is teething (as mentioned here before) and when we were on FaceTime with my sister, Rory broke into spontaneous pain-crying and Winnie's corresponding concerned face was amazing. 
[7] Our bedtime ritual these days is rocking my world. All three of us pile into Rory's tiny bedroom to read Harry Potter and hang out together for a good solid 30 minutes. It's my favorite part of the day.
[8] On Saturdays sometimes if we get stir crazy, we go for a little jog to the park. She zones out while we're in motion and full belly laughs while I do burpees or any kind of jumping exercise. I guess this mama doesn't look quite as she'd prefer doing her workout.... ha! oh well. 
[9] this outfit was affectionately coined the "green baby power suit" and was lovingly assembled by our favorite guy before church on Sunday since I wasn't ready on time. 
[10] This was our life through the teething ordeal or whatever it is we were dealing with. Lack of sleep, tears, and lots of cuddling. 

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