01 April 2016

My hometown is magical: pt 1

When my parents were out in February to visit, it ended up a family tragedy occurred and our time was needed elsewhere for most of their time here. However, they hadn't had enough of Rory (how is it that one becomes chopped liver upon having introduced a child to the world?) and my parents were dying to see her again.

I was planning on coming out for my little sister's high school graduation in June, but that just wasn't going to do. So they made us an offer we couldn't refuse (by "we" I mean "me" because Jay had to work Thursday and Friday, but that's another story...) and Rory and I put a four day trip to California on the calendar. We have been so excited for weeks! I mean the ranch, the food, the flowers, the family, the streams! (hallelujah, the water! ponds! frogs! fish!)And oh my, Coarsegold was really showing off this Easter. Green and flowers and happiness as far as the eye can see and the heart can feel. My hometown is magical. I bet I said,  "it's SO pretty!" a hundred times. And the adventures! The adventures!

And on to that other story, Jay surprised us all and drove all the way to California to be with Rory and I for the weekend! That guy... he keeps me on my toes and I sure love him. It was such a happy weekend, and it made it complete to be there with my favorite person in the world.

*plus, free (and willing) babysitting. All day every day. 

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