14 March 2016

Visitors, visitors, we love visitors.

I love family that's kind of obscure family. You know what I'm talking about? They just make your family feel bigger! Well, my brother in law has a sister that is seriously a doll, and I've always loved her. She happens to go to school in Idaho, and I told her when we moved here that she had to come stay with us whenever she came to Provo.

And she did this weekend! We were so glad she came and mugged on our baby and accompanied me for a walk down center street with good conversation and ice cream. We also window shopped, slept in, walked the new temple grounds, and ate homemade meals. And McKenzie happens to be one of the baby-whisperer types, so there was a lot of hanging out with Rory (and Rory constantly gazing at Kenz). We are absolutely and unabashedly old people when it comes to leisure and bedtime around here, so we all turned in relatively early after games at night. I would say I feel bad, but I didn't really because I can remember how good a full night's sleep felt when I was in college. We love having all visitors, but especially ones like McKenzie! Thanks for staying with us sweet girl!

Is there anything you do when you host guests that I need to put on my list? Let me know!

*Also we tried Rockwell Ice Cream on University and it totally lived up to the hype. You should go!
**And can we all appreciate Rory laying one one me a couple pictures down?! She's way into that these days. I love it. 


  1. Love the pics and love you! Had such a wonderful weekend :) it needs to happen again soon!

    1. We love you too! (obviously) and yes! Come down again soon!


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