26 February 2016

that daddy daughter thing

Everybody thought we were having a boy. Everybody.
Heck, we thought we were having a boy, though we didn't really voice it.
Even the ultrasound tech thought we were having a boy!
(and sent us away thinking so, only to call and have us come back for a double-check)
Obviously, we were all wrong and we are grateful it all worked out the way it did.
I think at first Jay was a little disappointed.
His brother had just had a boy, and he loves camping and hunting and golfing and football.
But he, of course, didn't complain once and was excited to have a little girl.
I remember sitting in bed one night Jay turned to me and said,
"Maybe God gave us a girl so I could learn to be sweet"
I laughed pretty hard, because I knew he was only sort of kidding.
But oh my, seeing Jay as a dad to our girl has been one of my favorite experiences to date.
He lights up when he sees her, and if she's sleeping when he gets home it's a major disappointment.
I've checked the monitor on more than one occasion to find Jay in Rory's crib playing with her,
and she loves to sit and eat popcorn and watch movies with him.

That daddy-daughter thing runs strong around these parts,
and I couldn't be more grateful for Rory to have one like Jay.
I can't wait to see them grow up together (I'm half joking)

* and speaking of men who love this girl, can you even handle her Gold's Gym onsie from my dad?! I die.


  1. I like the last picture. A lot.

    1. Thanks Neil! Jay literally called me in from the other room to take it. I have a whole series of them and I love it too!

  2. You should probably frame that last photo!!! 😂


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