08 March 2016

small town taylor

I've thought about changing my blog name for a while now.
I just felt like Southern Boy, Country Girl didn't really represent what I wanted this blog to.
And as much as every marriage has perfectly aligned opinions (hahaha!),
my writing represents my point of view and not necessarily Jay's.
Not to say Jay won't make his occasional appearance here, because he will.
That guy rocks my world.

What I do want this (and me) to be about is my roots. Where I come from.
Who I am and what I've learned is so largely due to where I've come from and where I've been.
I want this blog to represent honest, simple, real thought and memories.
Because those are the things I value.
I want my writing to represent the small town part of me.
The part that values family, and friendship, and kindness.

I want to share things that will maybe help others (insert mom-helps and recipes!)
knowing that they would've helped me before I learned them myself.
I want to connect and share and be present and mindful and helpful.
I want my blog to feel like my hometown,
where we know and help each other and say hi.
And when we have something going on, we always have someone to talk to.

So that's that.
I love you, I bet.


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