23 February 2016

A Quarter Century

This birthday was one of my favorites yet.
I slept in a little and Jay made me breakfast in bed after I nursed Rory. 
The weather was crazy, but Rory was fascinated with the massive snowflakes like her mama, 
and we spent most of the morning watching them fall through the window. 
I didn't have a car, so I stayed home with my baby like a normal day. 
But honestly I really enjoy my normal days, 
so add anything extra and it's bound to be a good day.
I enjoyed the phone calls and texts and sweet sentiments all morning, 
and especially enjoyed Rory's unprovoked slew of kisses before her morning nap. 
That sweet guy of mine brought Thai food home for lunch, 
and a friend and my little brother both brought cupcakes!
Jay stopped to grab some steaks so he could grill and I didn't have to cook dinner, 
and we topped off the night by watching Pride and Prejudice. 
(bless Jay's heart- only an act of true love could make that boy watch that movie.)

Aside from cupcakes and Diet Coke (you're the best, Chlo and Zane!)
my sister sent a darling package, I got cards in the mail from both grandmas, 
a gift card from my in-laws... and will you appreciate that Harry Potter book set from my mom?!
Jay topped it all off with some watercolors and candles I really wanted.  
Grateful doesn't begin to cut it. I have such good people in my life.
I felt so loved and appreciated and comfortable in my own skin this birthday.

And the lighting was that harsh late-afternoon stuff  by the time Jay got home, 
(and we obviously didn't coordinate outfits)
but I decided I want a picture of my family on my birthday each year so we did it anyways.
I love those guys, and if I just had them it would still be a great birthday. 
So here's to choosing joy and chasing dreams this year. 
I couldn't be more excited. 

*not pictured: amazing oak rounds from my dad for a project I'm working on!


  1. Water coloring is on my list of things I want to learn this year! Happy 25 girl!!

  2. No mention of natural wood rounds from your dad! Those were amazing! So glad you were born! Love you.


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