18 February 2016

eight. ocho.

Man, 8 months! All of a sudden that sounds so much closer to a year than her birth
and I'm feeling like she's getting too big too fast. 

As for the updates:

-our girl is still totally bald and toothless, which is helping me continue to see her as my baby. However, there is the tiniest bit of brown fuzz on top of her head that I can't help but cuddle with and rub always. Also several of her cousins will run up during play time to rub her bald head for a minute and it melts my heart. 

-she's sitting up like a champion. She doesn't roll over unless she wants something, and has yet to crawl. [I have the feeling it's purely due to disinterest] She can turn herself around 180 degrees while she's hanging out on her tummy, and push herself backward a couple inches... but basically starts squawking for me to come sit her back up after about 10 seconds. If we are being real I'm cool if she never crawls. Heck. Stay still, small child. Go at your own pace. It's okay with me. 

-eats like a CHAMPION. She's not a super fan of baby food, and still gags if on occasion I try to feed her formula, but basically all real food is good in her book. Chicken, mushrooms, rice, onions, salsa, avocado, bread, etc. etc. etc. She's obviously my child. All the food, please. Oh, but no oatmeal. Again- my child.

-sleeps like a dead person, and we are all back on track post-holidays. We have officially stretched her bedtime to 7:00 and it's glorious. She wakes up between 5:30-6:30 to eat, then goes to sleep for another few hours. She pretty much always takes two 1-2 hour naps per day and is generally happy as a clam when she's awake. 

-the girl doesn't laugh much, aside from the occasional single chuckle while she's nursing or playing with dad, but smiles all the time. I firmly believe big, gummy baby smiles are the cure for all ills. 

-Rory loves when we clap or make noises for her and smiles like a fool. She also has just started being coy and flashing a big grin at people followed shortly after by her burying her face in my neck. Melt my heart. 

-she still loves cuddling, and being swaddled to sleep (haha. I know.) and full on licks whatever part of your face she can get to when she feels like giving you a kiss. We FaceTime Nana and Papa almost daily and they both get quite a few good kisses every time. Unfortunately, they are harder to come by in real life.

-claps her hands and waves at people, and once in a while says something that sounds a lot like "hi". Her clapping consists of tapping her fingers together in front of her body and it's the best thing ever. Also, daddy is her favorite word. She says it to herself, and sometimes to us, and gives the biggest grin whenever you say "dada dada" in front of her.

Rory really is our little angel baby. She is content and happy and makes our lives so much richer. For instance, these pictures were taken 5 minutes before she went down for a nap, she was rubbing her eyes furiously between smiles, and had stayed out late with family 4 nights in a row. She is the real MVP.

 *the chub cleavage... oh my gosh. 

 *please appreciate the neck-fat profile


  1. Hahaha the chub cleavage!!!! Yes! I love it! Also, could not agree more about the toothless smiles! She is adorable and these pictures are so great!

    1. Thanks! Poor thing- her eyes were so red! But it's been so crazy around here that we had to take any spare moments we could get or it just wouldn't get done. #life


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