18 January 2016

7 months young

This girl is a little dreamboat,
and we couldn't be more thrilled that she is the little spirit we waited for.

A 7 months this girl...

hasn't lost an ounce of cheek fat. Seriously, the girl still has cheeks for days and we mug on them pretty much every hour she's awake. 

speaking of waking hours, the girl is doing pretty good. We kind of had to re-train her to sleep through the night post holidays, but it only took maybe one tough night and we are mostly back on track. There have been some nights where she randomly wakes up screaming at 2-3 in the morning, but it's not regular and I wonder if it's night terrors or something because she cries with her eyes closed like she's still sleeping, and it takes a minute to calm her down (more than just popping in her pacifier, which typically works immediately). Most  nights we can stretch bedtime until almost 7, then she wakes up between 5-6 to eat, but immediately goes back down until 8-9, so it's totally manageable for this mama. I kind of like the groove we have going these days to be honest.  If I go to bed at a decent hour, I stay up after the first feeding and have a couple hours to myself, which has been awesome.

naps are kind of in transition mode right now, which is a bummer because I can't plan for how long she will be asleep or when that will be. Some days she still takes three naps, and other days she takes maybe one good nap and a half hour catnap. It just depends.

is eating solids! I really started trying to get her to eat solids after the 6 month mark, because if she can't eat those I can never wean, and I can never have a hair appointment or anything else longer than 2 hours because I have to feed her. every. meal.  (can you say dramatic?) haha, but she gagged everything up at first. If something had even a tiny bit of a chunk in it she would gag. I started to panic a little, but then we found something that worked! I tried holding the food back by her (gummy) molars and let her chew on it while I held it there. After a while of that, she got the hang of it! Now she will eat small pieces of pretty much anything. Chicken, eggs, avocado, sweet potato, grapefruit, blueberries, bread (ohhh yes, give her all the bread) to name a few. 

has the best squinty-eyed gummy smile in the world. It kills me every time. Of course, she wouldn't do it on que for monthly pictures, but a friend caught one that I posted on instagram the other day and you can (and should) go see it here. There's nothing better than a good, gummy, baby smile.

rolls around like a champ, but only when she feels like it. The pediatrician was sure she was going to crawl any minute when he saw her pull up her knees at her 6 month checkup, but I'm fairly certain she has no desire to go get anything at all. She sits up sometimes, but quickly leans to the side to fall over and get back on the ground where she prefers to be.

is still so very bald, and I love it. But she is starting to get the tiniest bit of hair! I took her hat off for the last few pictures just to document her new fuzzy hair. As of right now, it looks pretty brown! 

still has greenish hazel eyes! They have some brown in them, but they certainly aren't brown yet. 

doesn't have any teeth yet, but I swear it feels like she's been teething for a month. She doesn't just chew on things these days, she rubs anything with texture as hard as she can against her bottom gums. 

is the least flexible baby, and still can't pull her foot to her mouth to chew on it, though she tries hard.  (*she can get it if she leans over from sitting up)

is so so vocal! She scream-talked for probably thirty minutes straight at family dinner last night and we couldn't do anything about it but just laugh. It's the best thing. 

Mostly we love this girl more than anything, and praise our stars she was sent to our care 
(even on the hard days)

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