08 January 2016

snapshots: Texas Christmas

My camera really wasn't out much over Christmas, and I think most often that's healthy.
But one night Rory was just cuddling and playing with Grandma and papa, 
and despite the horribly poor lighting- I wanted to keep that memory for her and I.

I'm really glad that we get to see both sides of our family so often. 
The love of good friends or immediate family is wonderful, 
but there's something special about extended families. 
You don't find that same love anywhere else.
I've known that for a while, because I seriously wasn't sure how I could 
love a little person more than I loved my niece before Rory came along.
Then Rory did come along and I somehow loved her so much more.
It is such a cool added bonus to see other people love on my baby that same way.
She is luckier than she knows. 

We love this little baldy. 
Thanks for hosting Christmas in Texas, Betsy- and for loving on my baby!

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