07 January 2016

Outtakes (I'm in love)

Christmas season is over and the last card has been sent (yeah, so maybe some of them were just barely sent...)
but I couldn't not post the rest of our family pictures. 
I didn't realize what a fun blessing it would be to be so close to Chloe!
Not only is she a great friend (she came over after we moved in bearing cupcakes and diet coke...I mean....)
But she is also a talented photographer who I love and trust and am totally comfortable with.

As I knew I would, I loved the pictures she took of our little family.
She didn't only capture posed pictures, 
but pictures that remind me of what life is like right now. 
There's a lot of cuddles and squishing Rory's cheeks, 
Boo being overly excited to be a part of the family in the living room, 
teething toys and pacifiers constantly in Rory's hands, 
and big group hugs when Jay gets home from work.
I love our little life- and I love these pictures that remind me of how it is right now. 

p.s. excuse my excessive use of italics, I just really love these pictures. 
If you're interested/have a need for any kind of pictures soon I'll leave these here.  


  1. What type of camera does she use? Turned out great!

    1. I think she uses a Nikon but I'm not completely sure! I have links to all of her pages if you were curious! Thank you!


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