08 July 2015

My week with Rory

This past week I've spent several days alone with Rory. And when I say it's been the best of times and the worst of times that's really what I mean. Mostly best of times, but we will get to that. Jay had packed up the uhaul and moved our things to Utah (we bought a house! So excited!), so I went to the beach for the 4th of July with my family. Well, they all headed back for work, girls camp, etc. and my house was empty and my husband still gone... So I decided to stay at the beach until they came back for family vacation later in the week. 

Although my family was panicking a little about leaving me by myself with a newborn, I thought it would be great. I mean- the ocean, a sweet baby, and the best ice cream known to man within walking distance? What could go wrong? Though those parts were dreamy, what I didn't know was that Rory would choose part of our time together for one of her growth spurts and would be extra fussy and clingy and need to eat every hour or two.  I was so exhausted. It's amazing what lack of sleep and full responsibility for another human life can do to your nerves. Also the value of having another adult to talk to and give a hug to, or have hold the baby while you take a shower is a luxury I didn't realize I would miss. Luckily, it didn't last forever and after a tearful prayer and a phone call to Jay, she gave me two 3.5 hour stretches of sleep in a row and we woke up two new people. 

But though sometimes the really hard moments try to overshadow everything good, in this case it just can not be done. The rest of our days have been filled with dancing in the living room, swaying to the sound of the ocean on the deck, naps in the kitchen (for her) and the couch (for me) with the doors open for a breeze, taking walks to get ice cream, eating leftover pizza, and lots of cuddling while I read Little Women. Oh and nursing, lots and lots of nursing. 

I'm still figuring out how to be all the things I aspire to be and a mom at the same time. Luckily most of them coincide when I really think about it. We love our little life (and will love it even more when we have daddy in it again), and are grateful. So so grateful.

*Also, we took some self timer pictures today to record the fact that I actually am here. I think all I have from the last three weeks are pictures of this sweet muffin!


  1. Seriously, SO MUCH TRUTH in that shower comment. Having someone cuddle your baby while you take a long (guilt free) shower is such a luxury. Hope your little girl knows how much she is loved. You are doing a great job!

  2. awww those little feetsies in the car seat!! so so precious! love the shots of you two. newborn days are so not easy! i know you are doing great!!


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