26 July 2015

Life lately in iphone pictures

Here's how life lately looks: [and pictures for grandma] 

-First things first, the pictures range from family vacation at the beach until now. Rory has been so blessed to have felt so much love during this first little stretch of her life! Grandma and grandpa great visited us, and then Clara and Winnie came and I swear I've never seen a two year old as obsessed with babies as Clara is with Rory. Every morning when we would come down the stairs she would rush out to see "baby cousin" and immediately plop down on her butt where ever she was and open her arms to hold her. It melted me every single time- I miss that chunky muffin. Anyways...

-We've moved! We're in Utah! Now, people keep asking me, "are you settled?", but the answer to that question is tricky. We are moved. We are living in our house. Jay has started his new job. I have a pseudo routine set up with Rory. But the house we bought is a foreclosure that needs a little tlc, so settled is not the right word. Our first day in our new house was spent ripping out the carpet because the previous owners had un-potty trained pets living inside.... it was disgusting. And nothing was really cleaned when they moved out, so everything had to be washed before anything could be put away. And doing that with a baby in arms is not the easiest thing I've ever attempted. As a mom, you find out really quick which things can be done with one arm and which can't. Also which things can be done with baby strapped to you. [though it helps, it doesn't make everything possible] So here we are, walking around in sandals indoors because we are living on mostly dusty concrete slab until they can finally come and put in our new floors... and putting only the most necessary furniture in the house [enter mattress and rocking chair] while the rest sits in the garage.

-THUS... we have so many people we want to see and have over, but our house isn't really ready to entertain (much less functionally eat dinner in) right now, so we are having to hold off on being hosts until we at least get floors. But we love you! We are working on it!

-A huge plus about being in Utah is that it puts us close to Jay's extended family. Our first Sunday here, his grandma invited everyone over for dessert and it was so fun! Jay has a whole passel of girl cousins from ages 9-24 (ish) and I'll just say that Rory never got put down with all of them there and loved every minute of it. We love being here so close to them!

-She is the funniest sleeper. First, she's loud- it is so so funny. She grunts and makes these little throaty groans in her sleep and it's hilarious. Also, she drools hardcore and if she escapes the swaddle she twists as far as she can onto her side and puts her hands straight up in the air.

-Within the first week we were here, there were a few really tough days. The kind where she didn't sleep well at night, took no naps during the day, and refused to be out of my arms for longer than 60 seconds. Luckily [though I thought for sure it would] it didn't last forever and now we are back to a totally livable schedule of a couple solid naps per day and only 1-2 nighttime nursings. Hallelujah, because I wasn't sure I could make it. One of the last pictures shows how I ended up at the end of one of those days- still in sweats, with baby strapped to me to keep her calm while I laid in bed to rest for just a second. Also shoutout to my sister's (and my) friend Erin for bringing me dinner on one of those rough days. You are a true gem and a lifesaver.

-Baby girl LOVES music. If I need to keep her calm a little longer to brush my teeth/do the dishes I just put some music on and sit her by the window she loves to look out and we swing it pretty nicely.

-Rory has just started this weekend to try to smile, which is the most adorable thing I've ever seen. So basically I'm now addicted to trying to make her do it again and I spend most of her waking moments talking to her and giving her the cheesiest grins. Somehow though, I just can't get the same amount of smiles Jay can- go figure.

-She's still SO TALL! I put her in some 3 month footie pajamas I had packed for the move thinking they wouldn't fit, and they are too short! Her leg can't quite straighten all the way in them! Really. It's wild- I measured her and looked up the growth charts and she's still somewhere above 90th percentile.

-Her baby acne has cleared up, but her skin has gotten so so dry since we moved! Her poor little cheeks look almost like they've got a mild case of eczema, and are so rough and scaly even though I use lotion every day. I've ordered Tubby Todd's lotion and baby wash to see if it will clear it up- I'll keep you updated on how that goes.

-Mostly, we are loving being here. Jay is loving his new job, and for now all my spare time is spent trying to furnish the house, clean, and get ready for all the company we have coming into town these next few weeks. We are a very happy little family of three.

(*oh, and we maybe snuck in to visit Aunt Karlee at the Oakland visitor's center and I made her kiss Rory's cheeks!)


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