30 July 2015

6 weeks of Rory

Last night I looked at Rory and thought she didn't look like a newborn to me anymore. 
Of course, to you, she probably still does, but to me she has already gotten so so big. 
She's more squishy and feels more solid when you pick her up to cuddle her.... 
and today she looked at me from all the way across the room. 
Anyways, I had this little moment of panic, or nostalgia, or whatever you want to call it. 
Wait! She was only so little for half a second!
And since we were ripping out nasty urine-stained carpet when she turned a month old, 
(and also chasing the meanest goose of all time out of our house and to stop attacking boo...long story)
I made up my mind to take pictures of her today at 6 weeks. 

At 6 weeks Rory:

-is starting to like her bath! She still screams a bit when she's cold after you take her out, but the process of taking a bath she actually really likes!
-speaking of baths, her poor skin went through quite the ordeal when we moved to dry UT. Her cheeks literally were scaly poor thing! We had done some research and people raved about Tubby Todd bath products. They are a little pricey, but when she started getting red and dry I had to do something! It has totally worked for us. Both Jay and I could tell a difference in her cheeks after the first bath. And now we are on bath number two and her skin is already starting to look smooth and milky like baby skin should.
-she is starting to put on the chunk! The double chin and cheeks are really getting awesome, and the legs and arms are slowly gaining speed. I bought a scale so I could weigh her and she's over 12 pounds! Also, we ran into my friend who was due with her baby girl Emmy the same day I was due and she looked so tiny compared to Rory! 
-She is getting to be such a good eater! Nursing now only takes 20-30 minutes total including burping which is so nice. She nurses about 12-15 minutes total and has gotten pretty efficient judging by how much weight she has gained and how many diapers she goes through.
-her head is now big enough to wear all of her little headbands! Hallelujah too, because homegirl doesn't have much hair. Thus, the question, "oh so cute! Is it a girl or boy?"comes up if I don't either put a bow on her or dress her in pink. And I'm a little funny about pink, so headbands are usually my choice. 
-still doesn't have a nursery. The flooring people were supposed to come Monday when all of our supplies got in, then Tuesday, then Wednesday..... then after calling like every day when my hopes and dreams of being able to move in were crushed, somebody came Wednesday at 5pm, dropped off supplies, ripped out 1/3 of the flooring in the entryway, and left saying they would be back in the morning. They finally showed up tonight at 4:30 to drop off the grout and thinset for the tile, and I actually loved them, but the poor guys are so so overbooked. I may have mentioned that our newborn is sleeping on the kitchen table until we get flooring in, and they may have asked if they can work on weekends. (don't judge me I'm desperate) We hired them on a recommendation, and they're supposed to be really good...but I'm going to go crazy if I have to live another week on dusty cement slab with no furniture. 
-if you couldn't tell from the pictures, she's a serious drooler!
-she totally prefers sleeping on the right side of her head. I don't know if it's an issue or not yet, but we're working on putting the things she likes to look at on the other side to try and coax her to use her neck muscles on that other side.
-as far as sleep goes, she typically gives me a 4-5 hour stretch of sleep at night, which is great. For a second there I had my expectations a little out of line, which made me question everything I was doing. (Shouldn't she be sleeping a little longer by now? Am I spoiling her?! Should I be letting her cry it out? Am I doing something wrong? etc etc) This mom gig can be rough- how are you supposed to know how to do this when every baby and mom are different and you've never done it before?! Anyways, I think we've got our expectations in line a little better and maybe now we'll be more happy and in tune.

Anyways, we are doing as good as can be. Jay is loving work, and I really am loving being a mom. The sweet moments are more sweet than anything I've experienced yet and we feel really lucky to be Rory's parents. 

*Also, I have gotten so so many questions about this cotton poppy swaddle. For those of you curious, it's from Little Unicorn. Link here.

And the "love your guts" onsie is from here


  1. I LOVE her!! Also her chunk is AMAZING! Jakey just baaaarely made it to 12 pounds and he's almost 5 months 😂😂 I want to squeeze her!!! I hope your floor gets done soon. Can't wait to see it!


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