17 August 2015

Today, we are two months

I'm telling you, this girl is the best.
We went through a ROUGH growth spurt while family was in town two weeks ago, 
which was equal parts good and bad. We had plenty of help [and totally needed it too]
but Rory wasn't exactly on her best behavior for our visitors. [sorry guys!]
But really, things just keep getting better. We love this little muffin.

At two months old Rory:

-is on the constant search for her thumb. Remember how she was sucking her thumb the moment they placed her on my chest after she was born? Well, between swaddling and trying to keep her hands away from her face so she doesn't scratch herself, she hasn't had much of a chance to try again- until now. Anytime she can, she gets that fist close to her mouth and sucks on it like crazy. She totally prefers fingers to her pacifier, [eek.] and on Sunday while I was burping her on my shoulder she found her thumb! Of course, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills are not quite developed enough to keep it there for long, but I have a feeling it will happen whether we like it or not!

-has kept her nighttime fussy period, though it is shrinking. It used to be that she was basically fussy the whole time from 5-6pm until she went down for the night. Now she has a pretty good go at it between 5-7, then is a champion and loves watching the office with daddy until bedtime at 9-10. 

-sleeps like a champ... sometimes. Last week [post growth spurt, because nights were rough there for a bit] she gave me an 8 HOUR STRETCH. What?! I woke up at 6am and felt like a dream. Then the next night she only did a little over 5, then last night she did 3.5 and woke up at midnight. Seriously?!  We're working on getting back to that 8 hour thing we had going for a half second. I put her down semi-awake and sing the same song and keep the lights low and everything. No dice. Like Jane the 7-11 cashier tells me... she'll figure it out. [that's what I'm hoping at least]

-is off the charts tall. It still blows my mind. 

-a little under 75th percentile for weight, which is where she was at her first checkup. Not crazy chunky [we're trying] but totally healthy. Really the only downfall we've seen to this tall/slender combo is that no shoes fit! Her little feet are too long and skinny for any of the shoes we were given for her. lol. We're hoping that will be helped a little by thick socks come winter.

-still doesn't have much hair. That cute, cute little baldy. And her eyes are still pretty dark! They're certainly not crystal blue like her dad's, but jury is still out on whether they'll be dark blue, hazel, or brown. The waiting game on that one is killer.

-watches things. The pediatrician commented twice on how impressive her eye contact is. When you talk to her she just stares intently, most of the time with her classic concerned look. 

Most of all, I feel like we're starting to get comfortable. Not that I didn't love the newborn phase, but it was definitely tough sometimes and I felt very inadequate very often. We are getting into a groove where I typically know what she needs or how to calm her down. I know better which signals mean she's full, uncomfortable, tired, or just fussy. Mostly, I love being this sweet girl's mom.


  1. oh gosh, she is soooo cute!!! and around two months is totally where it starts getting more comfortable, i so agree!! thank goodness!! newborn days are incredible and sweet, but i love that they just keep getting better and better! <3


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