06 July 2015

2 weeks young

This two week update is a little late [and by a little I mean she will be three weeks old day after tomorrow], but I guess that is what happens when you have to pack up everything and move in the first two weeks of your baby's life.

Rory Ann:
-hates being naked. My whole family teases that she got it from me, because all the way through high school I refused to change anywhere but behind a locked door. By myself. But I think it's more about hating being cold, Because she doesn't mind diaper changes as much anymore, but still hates the bath. Poor grumpy ducky.

-LOVES being swaddled. She also loves her hands by her face, but more often than not when she gets her hands out of the swaddle she's happy for about two seconds before she gets overstimulated and/or frustrated she can't find her thumb and begins to cry. It's actually a tender mercy that she likes to be swaddled, because she has the longest little fingers. Thus, she no longer fits in any of her newborn mittens to keep herself from scratching her face and the swaddle must do that job for her most of the time.

-speaking of long fingers, this girl is TALL. What!?! I know, you didn't think I had it in me. And to be honest, I didn't know was possible either. But she's in the 90th percentile for height as of her last doctors appointment, and has longer feet than her five month old cousin! And to think I bought a pair of size 6 1/2 shoes yesterday... Go figure.

-loves to cuddle. Best thing ever. When she's on my chest she nuzzles in so close to my neck that I have to check to make sure she can still breathe out of her nose.

-has a pretty good bout of baby acne going on. Poor thing.

-is a serious heater. We're lucky to be at the coast and away from the Central Valley heat this week because I'm pretty sure she was getting a heat rash. There were always sweat rings around the entire area her head covered in her bassinet, and there was more than once when I thought for sure she had a fever, but my mom calmed my poor nerves and assured me she was fine.

-loves her car seat, and the car, and stroller. This has been a total lifesaver, because with loan paperwork to send and sign, packing our house, doctors appointments an hour away, and an impending move, I don't know how we would survive if she didn't. Aside from the first few minutes where she decides whether not she likes what's happening, she sleeps the whole time.

-is fantastic at naps. She can seriously sleep through anything. The blender, movies, the dishwasher, squealing toddlers, etc etc.

- has the cutest raspy cry! Not that any mother likes to hear their baby cry, but it's pretty cute for a second. Jess thinks she will have a little raspy toddler voice and I secretly hope so.

-nurses every three hours on the spot on days we are able to do so (it's been a little crazy, can you tell?) and keeps that same schedule through the night. We are getting by (mostly functionally) with our three hours between nursings and two hour naps between.

We are just so grateful she's here and healthy and we love her! She is the best and we can't wait to watch her grow and do our best to help her be whatever it is she wants to be. And she's an opinionated little booger, so I'm sure we will know whatever that is.

*Also, are these grumpy ducky pictures not so tragically cute?

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