24 June 2015

Welcome to the world, Rory Ann

One week ago today we welcomed our sweet baby girl into the world. She weighed 8 lbs. 2oz, 20 inches long, and is healthy and happy and loved and we really feel so blessed.

-Rory Ann has a placid, sweet disposition, but will let you know with a raspy little wail if she doesn't like what's going on (aka diaper changes and anything to do with being naked). 
-The hospital was a little rough on the sleep front and we were up basically for the entire two days straight. She hated the hospital bassinet and refused to sleep there, so I was scared out of my mind she was never going to let me sleep once we got home either. Luckily for us, she has actually been a total dream! She sleeps like a champ and typically gives us at least one 4-5 hour stretch at night. 
-She LOVES to be swaddled. And loves her pacifier. They told us she would when as soon as they placed her on my chest after she was born she found her thumb and sucked it for a few minutes right then and there. 
-She has the longest most feminine hands and feet! She hardly fits in newborn socks and shoes, and we swear her hands look as long as her 5 month old cousin.

More than an update, I wanted to extend a public thank you. Thank you to everyone who visited us at the hospital and brought flowers and stuffed animals and cookies and bread pudding and fresh fruit and my favorite croissant from my favorite bakery [true story- my sister is the most thoughtful human alive]. Thank you to everyone who has texted and called and stopped in to show support and love to our sweet girl since we have been home. I have said from the very beginning that if it takes a village to raise a child, we really do already have the best village. She has already received so much love in her first week of life, and we really really feel so grateful. Thank you thank you thank you to the moon and back! We are the happiest family of three.

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  1. She is absolutely, breathtakingly gorgeous! Cherish these sweet newborn days - they go too fast. Congratulations!


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