14 June 2015

40 weeks: waiting for Christmas

Well, here we are, with a very comfortable baby still curled up in my tummy.
Being overdue is like waking up every morning and thinking it might be Christmas,
but then it NEVER is. [And imagine the kind of magical Christmas when you were 5]
And somehow I know at least 6 girls that were all due within a week of me.
I'm the only one left. And it's been 100+ degrees everyday.

Pretty much 40 weeks looks like:
- A lot of sweat. a lot a lot. There's just a lot of surface area and extra weight, to be completely frank.

- Weird aches and pains. Like, last weekend I woke up in the dead middle of the night with the worst tailbone pain I've ever experienced. I looked it up [you know, to make sure I wasn't dying] and apparently that's a thing that can happen. Who knew. It has since subsided a little since I guess she moved off my tailbone, but it is bruised so it's still healing and pretty sore.

- Lack of sleep/naps are my best friend. Today after church I slept for 3 hours, because the last few nights I've been up around 3am with horrible lower back and hip pain and unable to go back to sleep. Also, naps help the time go faster. Yes please.

- Only dilated to a 1 per my doctor's appointment last week. Hoping to be a little further along than that at my doctor's appointment tomorrow- so cross your fingers!

- I get advice as to how to get this baby out around every turn. Go on walks/runs, eat spicy food, eat pineapple, drink a quart of prune juice and walk for an hour, mop floors, get a foot massage, etc etc. I just think, like pregnancy, everybody is different and some things work for some but that doesn't mean it will work for me. [because believe me, I've tried about everything....aside from the weird prune juice one...]

-Baby girl is still super active in there and gets hiccups on the daily, which when I'm not trying to sleep I love. Her movements are more like rolls than kicks, and they now seriously move my entire stomach. She loves cuddling up against my right side, so more often than not I have a seriously lopsided stomach.

-I didn't plan past this point! I left my days open to do things like figure out breastfeeding,
and cuddle my sweet baby girl, or give birth! So to say I'm anxious is an understatement.
And my mom keeps telling me patience is a virtue. But I keep arguing that it's only reasonable to expect a pregnant woman to practice patience until her due date.

So here's to hoping there's a baby soon!
And hoping this is the last bump picture I take!
Pray for my sanity!

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