01 June 2015

38 weeks: babies and puppies

There's something about babies and puppies. Well, babies and dogs in general.
Jay and I have wanted one for a long time, but we weren't sure exactly when or what kind.
Then his sister came to visit last week with her family (how did i get NO pictures of that?!)
and they offered to bring us one of their 13 lab/golden mix puppies.
How could we resist?!
At first, I was a little hesitant (hello. baby on the way.)
but the more we thought about it the more we liked the idea.
And my mom brought up the point that really,
there's not going to be an ideal time when it will be that much less hard than now.
So we did. And her name is Boo. Yes, Boo like a ghost- cutest little ghost we've ever seen!
And Boo like "my boo".  (please sing this song with me right now)
And Boo because our baby will be able to say it.
But mostly because we thought it was darling and simple and she's perfect.
Really, she is. I took her to get her shots on clinic day and everybody was obsessed with her.
She has the sweetest, most loving temperament and lives by the "play hard, sleep hard" mentality.
And would you watch her smile as Clara picks her up by the neck?! I die.

As for pregnancy...
Let's be serious, these may be the last pictures you will see of my pregnant belly.
Not that it's not awesome, it's just that feeling like taking pictures at this point...
it's a near non-existent feeling.

We are getting so so excited and ready to meet our baby girl.
As for how I'm doing? Pretty well!
My belly basically feels like it's out of room.
People laugh at me when I say that (not nice) because I have two weeks left, but seriously.
Stretch marks have started, and at night my stomach skin just hurts.
And don't tell me to use belly butter, because I am already a fiend.
Other than than I've got some serious hip pain going on as they widen up,
and I need a restroom break at least 3 times every night! Pretty typical.
But all is well and Uncle Zane better hurry home so that she can have the a-okay to arrive!

p.s. this is where I live. *swoon*

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