21 May 2015

Weekending with the Winters

So... maybe this is a plea for you to come see us (offer still applies once we are in Utah).
But two weeks ago we had some friends from school out to visit and it was a dream.
They were only with us for 24 hours or so, so maybe it was a whirlwind dream, but still.
It was so fun to reconnect, drive around the ranch, chat, chase cows off the road,
and have excuses to eat all of our favorite things.
Friends are important, and sometimes I forget that.

And this friend in particular really has been a great friend.
There were a few people that really supported and loved both Jay and I as a couple after we got married, and he was one of those. There are some friends who just don't feel as comfortable hanging out after you get married. There are some that are still girlfriends, which you need too.

But there are some that are kind of champions of your cause, if that's the best way to say it.
They are on your team as a couple. They build you up. They love you together.
And man, especially when everything is brand new and you are still figuring yourself out...
those friendships are like gold.

So not to embarrass you Brandon, but thanks for being a Tay & Jay fan.
We sure love you, and loved you even more after your visit!
Seriously though, we talked about it for days.
You're like our family.
Come again.

Also, it just so happened to be Coarsegold Rodeo weekend and would you take a gander at that tiny cowgirl niece of mine!? Melt my heart. Also, BELLY. It's so awesome these days.

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