06 May 2015

Life Lately: 35 weeks (ish)

If you post mid week I feel like you're just as much one as the other.
So 35(ish) weeks it is, folks. You can almost count the weeks left on one hand.
THAT is a beautiful thing. Though mom is thoroughly convinced I'm coming early, so maybe less?

Anyways, I haven't posted pictures in a while.
And I'm wearing sweat pants and a tent-esque top in these... but what gives.
We're down to that. I wear leggings, sweats, or stretchy skirts if occasion permits,
and my real pregnancy pants are all but retired.
They still fit but they're so restricting around my belly! I'm dying to take them off by noon.

As for updates:
Sleep is actually going pretty well. I go through spurts where I wake up in the middle of the night and can't fall back asleep, but they typically only last a few days. The bump nest is still the best thing to happen to my nights.

My baby shower! Baby girl's shower was seriously a dream. It was so wonderful and filled with so many people I love, but that is a post for a different time. In way of pregnancy though, I feel like I was waiting for a long time to get things ready because I wasn't sure exactly what I would get/still need after the shower. So now I have a changing table and clean clothes for baby girl to come home in and diapers and wipes and used my giftcards to buy a carseat so we are literally prepared for her to come anytime now as far as essentials go and I couldn't be happier. THANK YOU.

I got the cold of the century, I kid you not. I was weak and achy and had a terrible sore throat and the worst sinus pressure of my life on the plane to Utah (yes, we flew to UT to house hunt last week). Not to mention the runny nose and cough that would never stop. It came on the day before the shower and I didn't really understand how horrible it was or else maybe I would have gone through the serious effort of not having people come see me for fear of getting them sick too. And it lasted forever and everyone in our family got it. And of course, there's only so much you can do/take being pregnant without putting your baby at risk. Anyways, we are finally through it but it was quite the adventure.

Weight gain has leveled off. For a while there I was afraid of becoming a whale if it kept going at that rate! But apparently my body is just doing it's thing and my typical happens to be gaining all my weight and size at the beginning of third/end of second trimester. And I feel great and love my belly. I will actually really miss it when it's gone. It's a pretty special thing to have a little person there with you all the time.

This has been my first full week off from work (aside from last week but we were out of town so it didn't feel the same), and it's been so nice. I'm glad I chose this time to take off, because my body needs it. I'm tired more often, and I find that when I'm on my feet working too hard my body revolts with substantial contractions and terrible back aches. Also, working out is basically out of the question at this point because not only do my legs not have enough range of motion to spin on the bike without hitting my belly, I'm pretty sure I would go into labor.

I've dropped. For a while there, my stomach was shoved up to my throat and I couldn't walk up the stairs to my apartment without seriously getting winded due to massive lung capacity impairments- but no more, friends! My belly has dropped substantially from how high it was before. My mom about flipped when we got back from Utah and saw it (apparently she didn't drop until she was basically in labor) but from what I've read, some women drop 4-5 weeks before they go into labor so I'm not super stressed about it. Sounds like we're on the right track if that's the case!

Movement: holy cow baby girl is a mover. Nights and mornings happen to be the times she is really awake and going for it, and boy does she. In the mornings while I eat my breakfast, I just sit in the rocking chair and watch her moving from the outside. It's amazing that we can love a little person so much that we haven't met in person yet. Though, I will say, she has started kicking what I think must be my pelvic bone every little while, and that is NOT something I will miss.

Aside from that we are just waiting patiently, and hoping for her to come soon but not too soon.


  1. I dropped two weeks before I had Clara and never with Winnie!! lol! I probably dropped when I was a 10+ and pushing right about when my water broke ;) oh the adventures of pregnancy!

  2. You look so beautiful, Tay :) I'm so excited for you and Jay and can't wait to meet baby girl!

  3. awww you look beautiful and happy!! getting so close!! so so exciting!!


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