17 January 2015

Winnie Mae Marcum, husbands, and little girls!

Last Monday our brand new, chunky, almost 9 pound, perfect niece Winnie Mae was born. And we got to meet her the day she came to earth- how lucky are we?!

You know, when I was trying to figure out if I loved Jay (or just really really liked him...hey! forever is a long time..) he came to my house to visit my family. Aside from the visit as a whole, there was one certain moment where I thought, "I think I really love this boy". Everyone went somewhere and left us to watch 6 week old Clara Rose. As they drove away, Jay was holding her in his lap and rocking her back and forth. That man and that tiny baby just looked at each other for the longest time- and I thought.... "I'm in love".

Now obviously I had a million little experiences like that, but that little moment where I knew for sure for the first time holds a special place in my heart. Anytime I see Jay hold a baby it melts me like it did that day, but even more now that we are going to have our own.

And IT'S A GIRL! Some of you may have seen Jay's instagram video (which features that very same little girl who helped me fall in love with Jay) but for the rest of you- it's true! Which means for 90% of you including my entire family and all my coworkers, your guesses were wrong. As much as I love little boys, and Jay is about 150% boy through and through, heavenly father felt it more fitting to send us a sweet baby girl this June and we could not be more excited.

And if it has anything to do with family patterns, ours are strong in favor of girls on both sides. Jay's parents, my parents, my sister, Jay's two sisters, Jay's grandparents, and my grandparents all had girls first. So we are happy to add to the bunch! Headbands and dresses and tights and sparkles and sweet hugs and kisses! We are so so ready. And I mean, really.... how does that picture not make you fall in love with Jay? I can't even fathom.... If I weren't already pregnant I would be so so so baby hungry after spending this week with a brand new baby girl and falling in love with that part of Jay all over again.

And if you love chunky newborn babies and want to see what a rockstar my sister is (how does ANYBODY look like that after giving birth?!) make sure you scroll all the way through to the bottom.

Happy Saturday from Jay, me, and 10 oz. baby girl Winters.


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