26 January 2015

our half baked peanut: 20 weeks

We have totally hit the halfway mark here! I'm 20.5 weeks pregnant today. For boys, that means I'm between 4 and 5 months pregnant. And it's so exciting! I find myself dreaming about her nursery and holding her and finally meeting her. Speaking of that- I made my first baby purchase! I bought a cream leather swivel/rocker at home goods, because... well, my mom was with me and we agreed I had to. So my chair in the living room in combination with baby girl's fairly constant movements, is making me wish for June!

I feel her kicking and moving around all the time! The other night before bed she was really active and I grabbed Jay's hand so he could feel. She kicked him like five times in a row, and if experiencing that for the first time with the one you love isn't magical, I don't know what is.

"Anatomy" Ultrasound:
Seriously, Modern Technology is amazing. Even though lots of the time the ultrasound tech was just pointing out dark spots and telling me what they were, there were some things that were clear as day (like the four chambers of her little heart beating!) And as long as she can see/tell the baby is healthy and has all the parts she needs, then I'm happy.

I've got this cold I can't kick, and part of the reason I'm having a hard time is because I just am not sleeping well anymore. It's like my uncomfortable body wakes up when I try to adjust, then I stay awake because I can't breathe through my nose and my throat kills. Boo to that. So I'm going to steal my sister's bump nest (because I hear they are a dream) and hope for the best in the sleep category. Any mamas have any better ideas? Pre sleep routines? Anything?

Well, I'm still breaking out on my back and face like a high schooler. #bacne. Super awesome and fun and pretty. It's not helping this weight-gaining pregnant lady feel too awesome, but thank heavens for makeup and a hair appointment in two weeks. Those always help. That, and a husband who is the best thing since sliced bread. He keeps me (somewhat) sane.

Honestly, I have no complaints. Acne and a few hours less sleep seem such a small price to pay to be a mother. I feel overwhelmingly grateful as I kneel at night for the blessing of having a healthy, kicking little girl in my belly, a wonderful husband by my side, and a Heavenly Father who would entrust the care of a sweet spirit to me. Grateful grateful grateful, people.

And I asked Jay to take some updated bump pictures. Needless to say, he got bored/creative at some point and most of them turned out like the last two pictures. But that bump is really growing now! I got my first "are you sure there aren't twins in there?" comment this Sunday at church. No No, lady. Modern technology has shown me multiple times that there is only one baby in there, thank you though?

So happy halfway, peanut!! We love you!


  1. Hi lady at church- Rude. You're tiny- she's crazy! Why do ladies always say the dumb stuff?!

    1. They're just jelly they didn't look that cute when cooking up a baby ;)

  2. So cute! I got horrible acne too! I am 14 weeks and mine just got better four weeks along! Get an appointment with a dermatologist and mine is in downtown fresno at the dermatologist University. They are pregnancy safe and totally work! I also use lush all natural products! Go ask for free samples at the Fashion Fair mall store! They gave me 3 free samples! I also started using Olay Pro x cleansing brush with the exfoliating face wash they give you. If you have more questions or want pictures contact me on my blog.

  3. I don't have any experience having a terrible time sleeping while pregnant, but I am a tosser and turner. Warm almond milk with cinnamon and honey might help you get to sleep, plus as a bonus it tastes kind of like a churro! The honey and cinnamon will also help with the soar throat. Congrats on your baby girl!


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