19 February 2015

24 weeks

Excuse the weird-kitchen-lighting photo. 
It's not my favorite either, but it's all we've got so we're going with it. 
It's also a week and a half old, so the bump is even bigger now! 
But the good news is I definitely look pregnant at this point.
There's this whole set of new attention that comes with not just being pregnant, but looking pregnant. 
My favorite things about this phase so far include:
-the checkout girl at JoAnns who asked three times while I bought my roll of ribbon if she could touch my bump. 
-the man who brought me my takeout sandwich and fries and called me darlin' and ran back to get me extras. 
-all of the people who smile and open doors and call me things like sweetheart and darling and miss 
-Clara calling my bump 'baby cousin' and giving it kisses and sweet pats whenever we cuddle
-holding Winnie and feeling baby kick under her weight and just knowing they'll be friends forever
-Jess, Mom, and Brooke feeling her kick. It's still a little crazy that those movements can be felt (and seen!) from the outside now
-Dreaming about baby girl's nursery and getting excited for her baby shower (ps I want your addresses)

Somehow everyone loves a pregnant woman, and I don't mind. 
I mean, I love our little peanut, so I can't imagine being frustrated if other people want to love her too.

As for updates, I'm still doing great. 
Tired at night, and have a sore back if I'm on my feet for too horribly long. 
Wanting to eat all the sweet things and still haven't puked (glory, hallelujah, praises).
Definitely gaining weight rapidly at this point and just trying to keep from indulging every craving.

For a more updated bump picture, there happens to be one on Jessica's blog today

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