16 January 2015

Falmouth, Jamaica: Dunn's River Falls

Let's play catch up for a minute. 
Christmas happened.... then a fiasco of trying to do an early gender reveal that failed,
then New Year's Eve, then a ten day cruise. Get back Sunday, back to work and welcome a new niece baby Winnie into the world Monday, today is Tuesday (ok, it's now Friday...) . Actual gender ultrasound Thursday (Wait for this next blog post and we'll tell you what it is!!) . Somewhere in there edit all the photos and sort through all the thoughts. Talk about crazy. 

As far as blog updates are concerned, I could not decide whether all of these exciting things should go chronologically or in order of excitement (which Winnie would hands down win), but decided in the end to hope for several blog posts within the week if possible and practice my patience by starting at the beginning. 

Jamaica may very well be our favorite stop in the Western Caribbean cruise loop.
It's lush, the people are kind (and seriously fun), and there's stray goats everywhere.
Not to mention the crystal clear water and pristine beaches.
Of course, we're not too horribly naive... We stayed in pretty rural/tourist areas and didn't have even the slightest desire to brave the larger cities.... but we loved the good things about Jamaica just as well.

We have hiked Dunn's River Falls before (6? 8?) years ago as a family, and we loved it so much we wanted to go back for round two and convinced the rest of the office staff to come with. Our tour guide was awesome and happy and the only girl guide at the falls (get it, girl!) and was one of the first strangers to publicly recognize me as being pregnant without it being brought up! Score! Speaking of that, I know these are ok-quality photo pictures so it's a little harder to tell- but my bump is getting substantial. All my dresses are getting too short and I can totally feel the baby kick as of this past week. Of course, this is a week and a half ago now, and baby only gets bigger from here.

Jamaica (and the Caribbean in general) was wonderful and amazing, but mostly I was just glad to spend time with my people. I am the luckiest to have my best friends for my family and they got to come home with me at the end of the trip. Feeling all kinds of lucky and blessed for all of my blessings not limited to, but including my family, having the opportunity to travel, my friends who feel like family (you know who you are), the little healthy 10 oz peanut growing inside of me, a crazy-wonderful supportive husband who makes me laugh and loves me forever, and living in my own little corner of heaven at the end of each day.

*And, as per almost always, blogger did a little bit of funny coloring to my photos. 
The water is crystal blue, not green.


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