29 December 2014

Christmas '14: The Christmas of Clara

Wait, is that allowed?
Mom, I'm not discounting all of the awesomeness that was my own Christmas....
but if we were all being honest with each other, I think it would be unanimously agreed:
this Christmas belonged to Clara. And I picked the title because, well, the pictures reflect that.
But you won't complain, will you? Great.

Really, Christmas at home (as always) was a dream.
Brooke did, as she has every year since we can remember, sleep in my bed with me.
And no, I didn't kick Jay out. And yes, three is a crowd when you're in the middle.
But I loved it! Santa came Christmas Eve, jammies showed up magically on the beds for the big kids,
and around bedtime, Santa's sleigh bells circled the house and I smiled in the dark.
As always, Brooke and I rose bright and early.
This year we were a little more mature than most, and helped with breakfast instead of directly jumping on everyone to wake them up.

But Christmas was different than it's been before.
For one, I've never had Christmas at home with Jay which is a different kind of wonderful itself.
And Clara- oh, Clara changed everything. She squealed "oh, baby Jesus! He's so cute!"
about ten times a day[referring to our nativity's baby Jesus], and had an obsession with ornaments and
Christmas trees and candy and her brand new baby doll.

We couldn't keep our eyes off of her.
And knowing that there will be three littles the next time we all have Christmas together?
That made it even sweeter.

Oh and happy 16 weeks to our sweet baby as of Saturday!
These pictures are in between 15 and 16 weeks, so that counts for both right?


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