18 December 2014

14 weeks: citrus and little sisters

We've entered second trimester over here!
That's the best thing in the world because I'm hardly ever nauseous anymore.
And I sleep well, and don't die when I get up early to commute with my dad.
And I don't want to puke every time I open the fridge.
Seriously it's a dream.

So I mean there's not many symptoms to speak of aside from my constantly growing tummy.
That, and being starving every two hours.
But oh oh! cravings. If you know me you know I have a serious sweet tooth. And I don't mean like Jolly Ranchers and Sherbet... I mean vanilla, carmel, cookies, ice cream, cupcakes; the sweeter the better.
But I have three unfinished pints of ice cream that have been sitting in the freezer for a month, because all I want is fruity, tart (mostly citrus) anything.
We have a full bag of both oranges and grapefruits in our fridge right now. (I mean, grapefruits?!)
Who eats grapefruits? They're bitter and sour and apparently freaking delicious.
I eat one or two every day.

And I apologize for the late post. We were out of town all last weekend then came home to Brooke's
FIRST DATE/winter formal. And, embarrassingly, I am posting it here.
But there's pictures of Clara too who gives the best "squeeeeze"s and kisses and is obsessed with our dog-like cat who doesn't even get mad when jay picks him up by the tail or clara lovingly chokes him out. The cat is a people freak- I can't even get in my front door without him following me inside. Anyways.... moral of the story is she really can't get that mad (and you can't get mad about the update being late) because the other pictures balance it out- and she looks like a babe, am I wrong?

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  1. Hey! I found your blog through your instagram because a lot of my LDS friends have been liking your cute pictures. I love your blog because I am almost 11 weeks pregnant and I sound just like you! I just posted a picture of my little bump and eating a grapefruit! All I crave is citrus!! So funny! Haha today I went to yogurtland and red velvet tasted okay. The mango tasted like heaven hahaha. I am totally a cake and cupcakes kinda girl too! Congratulations!! My name is andrea_snow on instagram!


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