07 December 2014

13 weeks and a mini bump

Baby baby baby!

I didn't do an exceptional job of explaining my nausea in the last post. I did rally a little after 7 weeks when I went to take care of my nephew, however the nausea was still present (and especially present at night). But no worries, I'm not whining- especially now! I've made a comeback and the nausea has calmed way down. It still comes around occasionally, but for the large part I feel pretty good as of the last week. It has been such a happy surprise because the pregnancy blueprint that is my mother was sick and throwing up well beyond 13 weeks.

I have a little bump (and don't you tell me it's not there). Of course, my 35+ week pregnant sister laughs at my obsession with my growing tummy, knowing full well how big it will get. My favorite thing is any time somebody realizes I'm showing. Like tonight at family dinner, my uncle looked over and exclaimed, "Tay, are you showing?!" and I got to get up and parade the bump around for a second. Made my day.

We got to see baby for the first time since the 8 week ultrasound (where it was just a peanut with a heartbeat) and be still my beating heart. It's a pretty sweet experience the first time you see that little person inside of you with fingers and a little nose- it makes it pretty darn real if it wasn't already. There's a tiny person inside me that will look like me or Jay or both, and it's such a miracle.

Mostly we are just so excited and happy to be having a baby. There's something about those sweet little spirits from heaven. The Christmas Devotional was tonight and I love what Bonnie Oscarson said when she spoke of Jesus. She talked about the world that was in crisis and sin and darkness...and what did Heavenly Father choose to do? He sent a baby; and then He waited. She then stated, "The greatest forces in the world are babies". What a privilege to be bringing a spirit down from Heaven and to be the 24/7 house of that little body for a while. And how curious I will be to know the spirit he sends to me at a time when the world is again in so much crisis and in need of so much light.


  1. you are such a doll!! i have been reading your sister's blog forever and it's fun to see yours as well!

    merry christmas!

    1. Oh thank you, you're so sweet! You're blog is adorable as well.


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