03 December 2014

12 weeks and change

Well, if I'm being honest I feel lucky.
I mean, I had a sister that puked (and a mama) the whole time she was pregnant,
and a cousin who's just a few weeks ahead of me and hooked up to a feeding tube. 
And though I have my own set of symptoms and all, I'm functional. 

Here's how we've been over here so far. 

everything smells...
I'm not even kidding when I say that everything smells. Good, bad, weird it all just smells so strong. That's been the weirdest and I've gotten totally used to holding my breath when opening a fridge or pantry. It's weird, people. 

naps naps naps...
I'm so tired all the time- which I suppose comes with the territory. It's maybe my least favorite symptom because all I want is to sleep when I get home and for the life of me I cannot get out of bed in the morning early enough to go to the gym. So I basically have fallen off the workout charts and since I'm snacking all the time and bloated so I'm feeling awesome. *wink*

Week 6 I was super nauseous. People were asking me if I was ok at work, I couldn't cook anything and jay just got us something from where ever sounded good to me or I didn't eat dinners at all and just snacked on bland food while poor guy had leftovers. Then by some miracle I rallied and felt better week 7. I think part of it had to do with figuring out how to snack ALL DAY LONG because hungry=nausea, and part had to do with naps and drinking lots of water- but I think it was a miracle because I was taking care of my newborn nephew that week and didn't think I was going to be able to do it (or do it well) with how sick I was. They say sickness (which is by far not limited to the morning) can last until 12-14 weeks, so the road is not over just yet but it's dang close.

the bump...
It just looks like I overate or got a little chubby around the middle most days, but the bump does appear at night most nights! at first I just felt bloated at all times. Girls, it was like the pms that never ends kind of.. I know, I'm giving you a lot to look forward to here and everything. Aaand week 7 I woke up in the middle of the night with a stomach muscle twitching the same way your eye twitches sometimes- except the muscle is way bigger than in your eye so it was bizarre! I could feel it literally pulsing, but I looked it up (and happened to be staying with my physician of a father-in-law) and apparently my stomach is just preparing to become huge and that can happen. score.

I have never had a problem sleeping in my life, but now I wake up 5-7 times a night tossing and turning and getting up to go to the bathroom. I just can't get comfortable! Then I wake up on my back (which I NEVER slept on my back before) and then I freak out and really wake myself up because apparently that can be dangerous for the baby. That plus working full time which leaves no room for naps makes me one tired pregnant lady most days. My bedtime is like 8:30pm whenever I can swing it. 

bye bye soda...
More than a craving for anything particular, I have a lack of cravings for things I used to love. The most notable of them being soda. My sister said sipping a diet coke during the day would help her nausea sometimes, so every once in a while I'll try to choke one down, but I can never finish a can.. and Mountain Dew doesn't even sound good, ever. This is how you know it's serious people. (update: as of the last two days, soda has started to sound good again!)

So there you have it! I'm functional, although I'm kind of a nauseous bump on a log at night...which is really the only time Jay sees me during the day. I do feel bad about that. I think we're both praying for second trimester when I can help with dishes and cooking and cleaning.

And all I've really got are a couple of phone selfies I snapped when my bump was showing a bit! I have this dream of taking a cute bump picture every Saturday (since that's when I'm actually home during daylight hours) so let's plan on that being the case.

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  1. You have no idea how glad I am that you're not throwing up! My one wish for you!!! Hopefully Brooke is like you and not me!


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