27 June 2014

Lattin's Family Farm

If you find yourself in Olympia, Washington,
do yourself a favor and go to Lattin's Country Cider Mill.

Get a apple fritter and some apple juice [both of which were gone far too fast for pictures]
You could even try the cherry apple juice, which is my favorite.
Their apple cider donuts aren't half bad either.

There's also little mini animal farm!
They had what my husband called sasquatch chickens,
and peacocks and goats and turkeys.

And when grace starts to push the merry go round for the littlest siblings....
get your camera.
I thought Rose was going to burst she was so giddy about it.

And don't forget to take a long hard look around while you're in Washington.
It's green and lush and there are flowers and plants EVERYWHERE,
and when you go home it won't look nearly the same.

Cheers to cute kids and good finds.

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  1. Yay! What fun! Thanks for posting these. Your captures of my munchkins are so perfect.


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