09 July 2014


Ok, guys.
The cat's out of the bag [see here] and now I can post all of my family vacation pictures
because I'm going to be an aunt again on account of Jess,
and now that she's made it public I can post her bump to my heart's content!

YES. the level of excited [both for her pregnancy, and for her first trimester to be hurrying along so she isn't sick anymore]
about Steve+Jess offspring number two is through the roof.
I mean, have you seen Clara?

Anyways, onward to family vacation.
I have a sister-in-law that's darling and asks lots of questions about details.
[shout out to Elise and her kindness and inherit curiosity]
And sometimes she catches me off guard.
Because though the devil may be in the details....
I don't always take note like I should.

Anyways, a question she asked recently was "what does your family do on vacation?"
Great question. I had to think about it for a minute.
We don't really hike or play games (like, ever).
We don't do crafts. Nope.
We don't even really cook together.
The gist of it is that we're either going full speed or doing nothing at all.
We read books by the beach and take leisurely bike rides (and naps),
or watch movies in the theater.
And we eat. Oh my gosh we eat.
I have never seen my husband concerned about his weight until after our family vacation...
Italian food, French restaurants, ice cream once a day, dessert every meal but breakfast,
and sometimes then too. Candy shops, pizza, Tri tip sandwiches, bakeries....
need I continue?

As my dad put it yesterday, we commit every dietary sin possible on vacation.
And it's amazing.
Jay and I have eaten salad for dinner two days in a row (true story) to feel a little better.

The thing is, we just really like being all together. So whatever encompasses that, we do.

Also let's just say that we thought these shirts were awesome (which they are)
and we were going to buy three for us girls (which, when we found a fourth, we did it)
and tre in italian means three..... so, you know "three cool sisters" (with a wicked cool mom)
Little did we know that once you add the mark above the 'e', this shirt becomes a fan shirt.
A fan of who you may ask? The drummer for Green Day.

So I'm off to research the Tre Cool so I know who I'm advertising, y'all.

In case you were wondering what I found....
"I'm the greatest rock and roll drummer on the planet 
and you suck."

You're welcome.

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  1. This is so fun! Thanks for the details, lol. And I love your family. :)


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