25 June 2014

we meet again

You may remember this post from last summer... [or this one or this one]
and all of our Washington adventures with Elliot and Lilian.

Well, we were lucky enough to go back this year with the rest of the family!
And, minus my bout with the flu [which, obviously, couldn't have been more fun] we had a blast.

The boys went hiking for a few days, but before they did we went to the farmers market in Olympia.
And I'm telling you, if you ever get the chance-go.
Though you may be unsure what state the jam-selling lady's mind is in [if you know what I mean],
and the pottery was a little strange for my taste,
the people are kind, the food is AMAZING [and includes the best fish and chips any of us have ever had]
and my biggest regret is not buying some of the handmade soaps and bath salts.
And, love it or not, the the bluegrass music is charming.

The biggest shoutout goes to the Peterson's,
for showing us the this place and everything else and providing our housing,
and the second goes to the Winter's for letting the newest in-law tag along.

I really lucked into this being a Winters thing,
didn't I?

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