07 May 2014

what I'm doing now/utah in the spring

So I really let the cat out of the bag when I started selling my stuff...
But if you didn't know yet, we are moving to California!

For the next month or so we're still in Provo, packing up and waiting.
Right now I'm spending my days teaching my seminary classes,
and adding as many sub classes as possible to my part-time hours.
I'm up early for my commute and if I'm not subbing, I'm home before 10am most days...

Then what do my days look like, now that I'm home by 10am?
Believe me, they are filled to the brim- it's funny how that goes.
First, there are normal things that just didn't get done as often before.
Dishes, vacuuming, cooking, etc.
Then there's the getting ready to move part.
[does everyone hate moving as much as I do?]

Then there's the more fun things!
I'm working my way back into exercise,
and making the t-shirt blanket I've been meaning to make forever.
[farewell, millions of free college t-shirts...]
There are a thousand letters to write,
and packages to be sent,
and phone calls to be made..
oh, and blog posts to be written.
And I have about a million books on my list, though I haven't gotten to those yet.

Aside from all that I try to be as free as possible whenever my boy is around.
If he takes a nap on his break from studying, so do I.
[or at least I cuddle until he's asleep then sneak away to do things like write this post right now]
Or when he gets home some days we watch Pam and Jim fall in love in the Office, season 2.
It's kind of a dream to be together sans homework every once in a while.

I keep asking myself, when am I going to get this time back?
And I keep answering myself- maybe never.
Our schedules aren't ever the same,
so now that mine is open I'm doing my best to make every moment count.

And today I made myself go on a walk, even though the weather has been moody.
I brought my camera and had some me-time in this little town that's been my home for so long.
[prepping for a Saturday photoshoot too, but we'll discuss that later...]
It's amazing what you can find within a block of your own home if you just force yourself out.
I promise it won't disappoint, even if the weather is a bit moody.

And for my mothers sake and the sake of posterity... a selfie. 
Wear a hat and get outside. 
Wear slippers too if you so please. 
Leave your phone, leave your keys. 
Bring your camera, if you please...
[see what I did there?]
But do something that will help you appreciate where you are. 


who is making the best of these last few weeks in Utah.


  1. Thanks for thinking of dear old mom. Love that smiling face!

  2. Beautiful girl and beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Moving from Utah to California must've been quite tiring. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed your stay and the company in Provo. It might be some time before you get to see them again. But at least you were able to bring unforgettable memories along with you. Also, I hope you did not have any problems shipping your things. It can be a hassle when you lose something along the way. Good luck on your new adventure!

    Cathy Schwartz @ Best Rate Removals


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