30 April 2014

10 things I love about being married to my boy: an anniversary post

Sunday was our 1 year anniversary!
And 10 is  a multiple of 1?
It just sounded like a good number of things to choose.
Because heaven knows I couldn't limit it to one,
and anything more would get me in trouble.
But these are some of my favorite things about the boy I married,
and why I love being married to him.

1: He knows how to be silly. I can't tell you how many times I've laughed until I fell down or had to lean against the wall for support because of that husband of mine. He kills me, and knows how to lighten my type-A personality up when I am killing the household's happiness.
[not that I don't need to work on that by myself sometimes, but you know... humor helps]

2: He is okay with change. When something is wrong, he is willing to talk about it. If something needs to change in our marriage or habits in order for us to be the best us, he is willing to talk it through completely and if a change needs to be made- we make it together.

3: He lets me be me. I'm a lot of attitude and fire and stuff-going-on a lot of the time, and my sweet husband lets me be just that. He's proud of my accomplishments and supported me through working two jobs and going to school full time and doing my thing. He never stifles me, and I'm so grateful.

4: He is uninhibited. He says what he wants to say, and doesn't think twice about whether everyone in the room agrees with him or not. I can't say I do the same in every circumstance, and I probably care too much what people think sometimes. I appreciate a good honest and open individual, and that includes my husband.

5: He knows how to work hard. And that's that.

6: He apologizes quickly... and usually first. I'm too stubborn for my own good most of the time. So typically, if I'm mad- I'm mad. I couldn't be more grateful for a husband who is much more humble than I am, and hugs my mad-self until I hug back and kisses my cheeks until I can't be mad anymore....even if it's totally my fault.

7: He is self sufficient. If I'm busy, he can handle it (thank heavens), or if my mom and sister come into town and I'm too busy to ski- he will go without me! He's not the kind of man you have to babysit at a party and I'm really grateful for that.

8: He can drive. I was half-afraid during my dating experience that I was going to have to take over and drive for some boy who didn't know how to handle mud/snow/4 wheel drive. I grew up with a family of men who were men and lived on dirt roads, and I am grateful Jay falls into that category.
[weird that that is of any importance at all, I know, but it's a thing for me, okay?]

9: He humors me. Jay does not appreciate slow dancing or flowers or Disney cartoons, and I am grateful for his all-boyness that makes those things true... But knowing what I know about him, I am really grateful for the moments when he suggests we rent Frozen to celebrate my last day of school, or puts on music to dance with me in the kitchen when I'm stressed.

10: He is a good decision maker. I am much too rash when it comes to decision making. I mean, do the little details make a difference anyways?! My time is valuable here, people! My husband is about five thousand times a better person than I am in this category. He does his research on everything from apartments, to moving vans, to movies. He explores all options and our marriage is better for it.
[I'm learning, slowly...]

I could name a thousand things, but he would be too embarrassed.
Let's be real, this will embarrass him too.
But heck if I won't reserve the right to smother my boy in every form of mushy love on our first anniversary.
Because I reserve that right.

Marriage is a challenging adventure,
and I'm sure grateful to be doing it with this guy.
Let's flash back to some sappy/awesome/happy engagements.
I think it's fitting...


  1. So perfect! Love these images!!
    xo TJ


  2. I just read this entire post with the biggest smile on my face! You two are absolutely perfect for each other! I'm so glad you found Jay!

  3. This just made me so happy. So glad you found your fella.

  4. I'm just so happy two of my faves decided to get married :) love you both!!!


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