29 April 2014

life lately: graduated and celebrated

This past week was wonderful.
My parents and in-laws came into town for graduation,
and so did my sweet sister and her family!
[that girl... she's the best]
We ate and talked and talked and ate.
Then our tired mouths rested and we watched this one waddle around and give lots of kisses.
Naturally, we were fat and happy and grateful to be together.
Family is the very best.

Not to mention that I graduated from college!
You know, the whole time you are in college, everyone around you is too...
So it's easy to forget that it's any accomplishment at all.
But, as I've been reminded several times since, it's a great accomplishment.
I feel blessed to have had all the support that got me through these past few years.
I am grateful to have a college education and to have studied something I love.
Yay college! Yay family! Yay moving forward.

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