22 April 2014

what you actually learn in your undergrad

It's surreal to have spent my last day in a BYU classroom.
At least for now.
At least in my undergrad.
But really... probably forever.
It doesn't feel real that I will never return to this phase of my life.
The chapter that has been my last five years is over.
And what a big chapter it has been.
College changes people- or at least that's been my experience.

So maybe my title is kind of bossy. 
These are the things i learned in my undergrad, 
but feel free to let me know if your experience was similar!

I didn't learn what I thought I'd learn in my undergrad.
I had these expectations of feeling ready for the real world,
and being completely prepared for a career with tangible skills.
I was so wrong.
I learned about those things a bit, sure.
But most of the things I learned were less tangible,
and so much better.

I learned to think for myself,
and come to my own conclusions.
I learned my family and our way of life,
is not the only kind that exists.
Not even close.
I learned to stand up for myself,
and to only listen to advice that was right for me.
Because "you need to give boys a chance",
and "don't do student leadership until you've got yourself figured out"...
were pieces of advice I'm glad I ignored.
Student leadership and service changed my life and college career,
and had I given that boy a chance when he didn't deserve it...
I would have missed Jay.

I learned the steps to follow and connections I needed to follow my dreams.
I learned that things don't work out how I want most of the time,
but typically they work out better.
I learned how it feels to fundamentally disagree,
and that not everybody cares the way you do.
I feel in love for real, and I learned that like everything else...
it wasn't what I'd expected, and that love is a process-not an event.

I learned that group projects are the worst,
but I also learned how to keep my cool and be kind in the most frustrating situations.
And to be patient, because there was a point where I was that person,
and I was grateful for teammates who were patient with me when I really needed it.

I learned to be braver and bolder,
because opportunities pass by far too quickly...
and you miss every shot you never take..
and you never want to be left to wonder.

I learned to speak my mind, but watch my tongue.
I might be wrong, but at least if I say what I feel I'll find out quicker.
And watch my tongue because words have consequences.
They leave lasting scars and imprints, and they aren't easily taken back.

I learned how to dance like you don't care,
and how to throw a mean party that never lasts long enough before the cops come running.
(if you bring oreo cupcakes, they will come every time)

I found the strength in myself to run races, do hard things,
and make the jump out of my comfort zone every once in a while.
I found the real meaning of coming home,
and needing home so badly you're willing to drive through the night to be there.
I learned that no matter how many people I met here,
my family will always be my best friends.

So college didn't teach me as much about what I thought it would teach me,
but I think it taught me how to be a better me.

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  1. group projects are THE WORST. Agreed agreed agreed.


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