17 May 2014

winters weekends: summer

We live for the weekends around here, that's for sure. 
And date nights are a must. 
If they aren't a must in Jay's mind, I make them one immediately. 
This girl needs her date nights [and yes, two in one weekend is ok with me]

This weekend we opted to split our date night fund into multiple parts. 
So we chose the cheap food
[um, less than $10 for two people? thanks in-n-out]
and the dollar theater, 
and saved the rest for shaved ice and Costco pizza for lunch today. 

We may be eating our date night dinner in the car on the way to the movies 
because it's hard to find enough time for both when Jay is so busy studying. 
Long story short, there's a lot of that studying thing going on.
It may be going on right now in fact. 
We are down to the last few weeks here people!
Yes for tests that determine a large part of your future!

And heaven help me with this boy and pictures. 
I figure he behaved for both our engagements and our wedding day, 
[which was hard enough] so I'll give him at least a couple years of slack. 
Mostly I think he's hilarious, so I can't be that mad anyways. 

Happy weekend to you and yours.
oh yeah, also- I chopped my hair off!
Happy summer!

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