13 January 2014

grown-up life

Well, we're back at it around the Winters household.
School, volunteering, work, more school...
And to top it off, Jay is still sick from Christmas break
and had a crazy fever for a few days last week.
Our lack of thermometer does not allow me to tell you how high,
but his skin was burning hot to the touch and he slept in a ski jacket.
Mostly we are crazy, but happy.

As for me, I have never taken a class before 8am...
Now I start work at 7:45 with a 20 minute commute.
Grown-up life is real people.
12 credits, 12-15 work hours, 15 volunteer hours, and a husband.
Grown-up life is real.

Life is awesome, and I love being an adult.
I have more and different freedoms than ever before,
but some days I want to go back to the days when
the hardest decision you had to make was what kind of face paint you want.
Just sometimes.
Is that too terrible?
p.s. aren't my nieces cute?


  1. That face paint is wicked impressive.
    And I totally feel ya-- grown up life is the real deal, but it seems as if the adult world forgot to schedule in nap time?

    1. Amen, Camille! I totally need nap time these days but they forgot. How do you forget something that important?

  2. I love these pics! And I want them all. Do you still have the link? Have you seen the ones I posted? Miss your guys's trash. :)


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