06 January 2014

on the eve of Christmas eve.

Well after losing the original post to weird connection,
then going on a spur of the moment weekend getaway with no internet...
we can finally get around to some Christmas posts.

A belated word to the big man in the red suit:

Thank you for all the magic.
Thanks for putting the light in the childrens' eyes,
and for the giddy excitement, faith, and hope in things unseen.
Thank you for bringing out the children in the big kids too.

Thank you for all the presents through the years,
even when we didn't have anything.

You know who you are Santa, and we love you.
Thanks for giving us a visit in Texas this year!


  1. Dear Santa, can you please send a Taylor wrapped and through my chimney next year? Thanks, you're the best. xoxo Jess

  2. How did it take me so long to finally see this!? Thanks Taylor for the picture of Oliver! It's perfect! And way cute blog by the way, you are a gifted writer! :)

    1. Amber! I'm glad you finally saw it! I got some other pictures of your family too, if you want them just e-mail me and I'll get them to you- the one of Oliver was just the cutest!


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