18 December 2013


Today was mini-Christmas.
And it was wonderful.

The idea came about because my sweet mother sent us home with gifts for Christmas.
And you can't just open Christmas gifts with no Christmas!
And also, I wanted to have a mini Christmas with some my favorite traditions from home
since I'll be spending Christmas away in Texas for the first time this year.
[I totally lucked out in the in-law department, but there's something about Christmas at home, am I right?]

So I made stockings from thrifted material and gifted fur,
and bought bows from DI to pair with the brown paper I already had.
I made creamed eggs and stuffed the stockings with oranges in the toes.
And mom followed through as she always does,
with the perfect mix of thoughtful and practical gifts.

We love Mini Christmas and we love family and we love our little home.
I can hardly wait to spend the next few days reading about Christ
and the Spirit of Christmas that embodies Him so well,
watching family home videos because my husband was the most adorable little munchkin,
[can we make that happen, Winters Family??]
and spending all kinds of family time in Texas.

Until then.


  1. Love the idea of a mini Christmas! I know you don't know me but I stumbled across your old blog then this one and have been reading them for quite awhile! Love them! Just wanted to say though "Hope you have an awesome time in Texas!" How I wish I could be with my family there! This is my first Christmas away from home and I get to spend it here in Nicaragua where I am currently teaching school... Sorry I got carried away :) I just saw Texas and got all excited! Merry Christmas to you guys!

    1. Thanks so much Jenny! I'm jealous of your Nicaragua adventure- that's amazing!

  2. Yes on the family videos. And what a fun idea! We should do that too.

  3. The scarf looks fabulous on you Jay, darling.


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