23 January 2014


It all started when Betsy woke us up [just a few days before we left Texas],
asking if we wanted to leave that afternoon and go to San Antonio and Fredericksburg.
We, after having a quick panic moment about packing up so soon,
were on board and ready to go.
Everyone had left for home, and Jay's little sister had to work.
So really it was a couples weekend with Jay and I plus the in-laws.
And it was wonderful!
We took a tour through the riverwalk, went to the Alamo,
I read a book, and we headed to Fredericksburg.

It would be a sin to not tell you about Fredericksburg, Texas.
Charming, quaint, absolutely darling.
It's like a smaller, down-home version of Park City.
You can window shop and taste all the testers at Rustlin' Robs.
Then watch black and white Julia Childs cooking videos
in a refurbished hospital-now cookware shop.

While I'm at it, let me do something I didn't think I would do.
Im going to tell you how much I love Texas.
Though the lack of any semblance of mountains makes me immediately homesick..
The stories that proceed the state are true.
The people are friendly, and they are genuine.
They say what's on their mind, and it's refreshing.
They love their state. I'm a big believer that if you choose to be somewhere
you also have the responsibility to choose to love it. 
And there aren't a lot of rules. I feel good about that.

To prove the point let me tell a story.
Here we were in a crowded Texas airport waiting in a long restaurant line for a table.
There was a man in front of us and a lady behind. Both singles.
The man in front of us was offered a table, but politely refused until there was a place at the bar.
He recognized the line was long and didn't want to take a table where someone else could sit.
As he told the waitress, the lady behind us said, "If you don't mind, we could just share a table?"
"Well sure!" And just like that, two strangers, conscious of the people around them, became friends.

Moral of the story, you should visit.
And sorry about the picture quality down at the bottom.
Jay isn't exactly high on bathroom selfies...


  1. I'm glad you have finally become enchanted by my beloved state. It was only a matter of time! :) I seriously have experiences like that all the time in Texas and it never gets old.

  2. Taylor I am so glad you loved Texas! I lived about 3 hours from San Antonio for just about 6 months and thought it was great. My husband and I will probably settle down there one day when the military is no longer our life!


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