02 February 2014

let's hear it for the new year

2013 was good to me,
Really really good to me.
I had some of the best and brightest moments of my life last year.
I also went through some hard stuff,
and I mean really hard stuff.
But I was better for it upon coming out on the other side.

The love of my life got down on one knee,
and told me he may never have the most money or provide the most things,
but he will always love me more than anyone else could.
And I gave a wholehearted yes.

I floundered and fell and cried more than my whole life combined this year.
And I've also felt more happiness and warmth and love than ever before..

And let me tell you, I'm all about resolutions.
However, I firmly believe they aren't limited to the New Year.
Not in planning or in execution.

So here they are!
Some are already put in to practice, and some are waiting for a different time.
This new year I want to make goals that matter.
I want to improve myself and my relationships.
I want to love better.
I want to be more patient with my surroundings and myself.
I resolve to exercise more, and eat what makes my body feels good.
That includes more fruit, and sometimes ice cream.
I resolve to pay more attention to my blog,
and write more in my journal.
I will write more letters and make more phone calls.
I will be happy and show it- for me and my husband.
I will take more risks, and not be afraid to fail.
Follow my gut, follow through.
Take more pictures.
Think about others before and more often than myself.

Life is about making others happy, not making myself happy.
[I believe I should take care of myself too, but I should not be the center of my life]
I tend to mix those two up more often than not.

So here's to strengthening marriage, experiencing more, and living more fully.
Here's to a new day, a new month, and a new year.

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  1. Here's to you Taylor Ann Winters. May all the love you so freely give to others come back to you this year! Love you, tons.


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